mere_de_vii (mere_de_vii) wrote,

I watche ynow a recitacioun of the tale cleped Numb3res, which be a paine to pronownce. I am dronken on caudell, as I have been for manye a dey (Jhone hath been passed out in dronkenesse for a weke -- that is my sonne Johne, who is nere X yeres elde and wele mote knowe these thynges, nat grete Johne) and sayth me -- man! Numb3res succeth!

Eke, some man wisshed me a Joyous Newe Yer. What the helle? New yere be nat til Marche! Geffrey hath had WAYYY too muchel to drinke, and certes Philippe shal soon tell me all abouten.

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