mere_de_vii (mere_de_vii) wrote,

How! Hey! Thyse dey was the feste of Seint Katherine, and here folweth my loote:

I panne of golde
I disshe of golde
I wok of golde from Chine
I coffer of metes from the abbye of Flavigny
II chaus (I payre) of the chaucier famows, Manole Blank

My Johne set oute for all the house a feste of fair fode, and lots of ale and wyne and Ypocras. I listed nat forto getten dronke, so I dranke but thre boteils of wyne with my mete and a cask of Ypocras, but would I had toke mower.

I asked the curyiers for her receipts, that I might make hem in my newe disshes, and here are some:

I. Take flower and berm and eyroun and some sugre powdered finli and some milke and gode seedes, the betest thow mighte. Rub hem togetheres with buttyr and whan it is in the manere of a toord in thikenesse, thow shal put hem in an ovene until hit be browne. Thyse is cleped "Catte-coffer cake."

Thys mann was swych a retarde of the northe, I knewe nat what he sayd though I go there ful oft:

II. Trutys or barbels or molets and seth them, and when it is half sothen chop hit smal, and take egges (what the helle?) eyren and swyng tham, and put that fisshe with the eyren and fry them in faire grece.

III. Take the heed of an hog and cleve hit the middle ydoun, and put him in a kettle and sethe hit till he be wele sothen, and hits flesshe be namoor on the boones. Chop the flesshe and thou shall have the licour with salt and powdour, and some erbes, and make hit thike with floure. Sethe thyse agayn, and put hit in oyl till hit be crunchie.

IV. Take bred; frye hit in grece or yn oyle. Put hit yn rede wyne and grynde hit with reysons, and draw hit. Claryfye honye with gleyr of eyron and watyr; scom hit clene and put hit to that othir. Do therto clovys, macez, and gynger mynsed and good poudyr and salt. Loke hit be stondyng, and floresch hit with annes in confite.

V. Take Jellow that is flavoured with limmones grenes, and put thereto blood puddynge and put aquavite therin. Meld thys all togethres and give mo aquavite to the gestes.

VI. Take orenges or limmons pilled, and cutte hem alle the long way, and if thow may keepe thy clowes hwole and put hem in to thy beest broth of mutton or capon with pronnes and raysones and three or fowre dates, and when thise have beene well sodden put hwole pipper, grete mace, a good peece of suger, and some rose watter, and either white or claret wine, and let all thise seeth together a while, and so serve it upon soppes with your capon.

I love my newe pottes! And my chaus!
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