mere_de_vii (mere_de_vii) wrote,


Ooo! Joane hath lerned how to walken!
I was a mote mooneful, sin she semed to nat be lyk to, and she is nere tweye yere. I gesse if peraventure she had nat been swaddlen for the whool tyme, thys mighte nat be, but wistow, when one hath sevene childerenes hit may be a lite toilful forto haven the winde of hem alle.

Hit was Kateline who did first see the dede ydon. She shal make a mothor faire one day; hit is but a pitee she is Constanzes doghtour. She was boored and so thought to Joane might lyk to be unswaddelen a while, and neightest thow knowest, she hath taughten hir to walken! I am ful joyeuse, as nowe all my childen may walken. I made my welsnuttes famows in feste.

Yet, that bytche Constaunze hath done a grand damage! She and my Johne are togetheres ynow, and Johne wist nat of hys doghtoures werke. Mayhaps hit be time forto seke to morder hir ayein.

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