mere_de_vii (mere_de_vii) wrote,

Constaunze is swych a bitche!

Constanze hath, on thyse dey, drinken the last caudell! I listed to drinken the last caudell, a no! She dide suffre nede forto haven hit hir foule selfe! May she be made seke of hit, and be able nevere ayain foto drinken swych a licour.
Certes, I may make mower caudell ower have the cokes doon swych dede, but hit be the mattir that Constaunze should drinke the last caudell and nat freyne yf othre menn miyt wanten anye.

So in stede of hit I krakked a boteil of meede and have drinken thre of hem, and meneth me to drinke hem alle! That shal shewe hir!
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